Week 3 & 4 Review – Rwanda Douglas

The current trend in 2017 is all about maintaining health and being more health conscious. Over the years, there has been a constant increase in the desire to want to be healthy before a health problem occur, not after. Due to this, numerous apps, gaming systems and tests have been created to keep users healthy and educate them on health habits and health improvements.

In May of 2008, the Wii fit was introduced into the gaming and health world. It served as a new approach to being active and keeping the technology driven generation involved. Shortly after in 2010, Xbox introduced their first version of health gaming onto the market. Just as the Wii U, many people gravitated to the game system and began to use it on a regular. Just a few months ago, PlayStation released their Virtual Reality gaming system on to the market, which puts users right in the middle of the game. It calls for total body activity. These gaming systems can be used for slow rehabilitation, coordination and mild to intense workouts. It is adaptable for all ages, genders and races. These technological advances were mere stepping stones to some of health technology advancements.

Although these technological advances have brought society thus far, new innovative technology is pushing the limits of health and health monitoring. For example, Sam Maggs from The Mary Sue, wrote an article in regards to a highly complex health tool known as The Stir Kinect Desk F1 (please reference video above). This is a unique desk where it monitors when an individual needs to stand at the desk and when the user is able to sit at the desk. This is a major game changer for those who spends 8-10 hours in office settings sitting down stationery. Another modern advancement can be seen from Meg Neal article on Gizmodo, where she details her experience using a health tracking app and a blood test known as InnerAge. In this test, it calculated her estimated age based on factors that were tested using her blood test. She tells readers that she was shocked with her results however she did find some of the information useful. For example, the app goes into detail  on what foods and drinks you should be consuming based on what your body needs. (In depth picture below) To read more on Neal’s experience with the app, go to Neal Inner Age Experiencej7q5rjji6qk4yx4y5zyw2

It is evident that the future of health technology is bright and some can even argue scary. Advancements are happening in a blink of an eye, however technology cannot replace the education of doctors and health professionals. Health technology must work hand and hand with traditional ways of maintaining health.



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