Week 3 and 4 reflection-Astrid Guity


Week 3

This weeks article that I especially found interesting was “A Health-Tracking App Analyzed My Blood and Told Me I’m 31 Going on 54” by Gizmodo. This article is basically giving us a review about the health tracking app name “insidetracker.” This health app can give you an in depth diagnosis about your personal health. However, it seem that what makes this app unique from hundred of others, is their ability to provide you with personalized recommendation about what you need to change in your lifestyle to improve your sleeping pattern, resistance performances, eating, and mood behavior. Gizmodo states that this app was able to determined that his inner age was 54 years, which was twice his actual age. They acquired this information based on his blood test results that indicated his glucose level was a little bit high and past studies have connect high blood sugar with shorter life span. Gizmodo’s personal experiences implies that this app could help prevent people from getting some chronic diseases by taking early action. This app offer different types of plans that range from $589 to $49; after you choose your plan you need to go to a clinic to get a blood test or you can use your home kit. A few days later, your blood result will indicate how many times a week, the serving size, and the type of food that you should be eating. In the article, it was recommended that you do the test again in 3 months to see better if you improved. Even though this app can give you detailed information about your health, Gizmodo still persuades you to do your regular clinical check up. Overall, this app can help you boost your health in no time. This is the original article:http://gizmodo.com/a-health-tracking-app-analyzed-my-blood-and-told-me-im-1680386727.

If you want to know more information about this app you can go to the app website:https://www.insidetracker.com


Week 4

For this week, the article that I will be reviewing is “Hack Brief: Health Insurer Excellus Says Attackers Breached 10M Records” by Andy Greenberg. This article is a reminder of how vulnerable we are by having our personal information in cyberspace. Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield was hacked, exposing 10 million of their client’s personal information. Greenberg says “all of the potentially spilled data could be used in assembling profiles for identity theft.” This article shows how important it is to protect your private accounts. This is an eye opener to realize that if a big company with a secure system can be hacked, then it is not guaranteed that our social media accounts are secure. Technology has helped improve society in many ways, but it has also made us more vulnerable to identity theft. If you are curious in knowing what are some of the biggest companies that you might use everyday and have been hacked you can go to:http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/worlds-biggest-data-breaches-hacks/ andhttp://www.cnbc.com/2016/09/22/yahoo-data-breach-is-among-the-biggest-in-history.html


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