Week 3&4 Reflections-Arianna Delos

Week 3:

Kays Habor’s Technologies article shows interesting health statistics. In 2016 there were 165,000 health apps available, this rate is rapidly increasing due to the fact that technology has become one of the #1 resources for the health wellness and promotion field. Technology is where a majority of people also tract their health habits like; diet, exercise, sleeping, or mood. The health app market is suppose to grow 30% by 2020, which is a huge jump. 93% of physicians believe mobile health apps improve their patients health. If doctors around the nation are seeing the improvement, it must be real.


Gismodo reported a case of a 31 year old woman who tried out the new service from the company InsideTracker, called InnerAge. It is $100 for the company to test your blood for factors in the blood that can predict one’s “true” age. These factors include, glucose, vitamin D, CO2 inflammation, liver health, and testosterone. The 31 year old woman received results saying her true age was 54, almost double her age! This probably was an indicator that the woman needed to change parts of her lifestyle that would improve her health.

Week 4:

JMIR Publications brings an interesting point to the playing field… is all these health and fitness apps just a fad? Many people think that the majority of the population just thinks its “cool” that you can download an app and tract many health aspects to your life, and then forget about it. But, is it possible to make a habit out of using the health apps? The researchers tested the effectiveness of 132 apps. The research showed that health apps are just a fad for most but, it is possible to make a habit out of using them to farther enhance the health of your life. Fun games involving health seem to be the apps that tested highest for effectiveness.

Dr. Stephan Yang’s Flipboard proves that there are hundreds of fun games for health! Anywhere from Pokemon to virtual arcades, you can stay active and thinking while having fun. Apps have a huge impact on the health field because it brings people who are usually not concerned with health into the field through games!



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