week 3 & 4 discussion

For the third and fourth week reflection I decided to read a few  articles about the stand up desk and the benefits of using this instead of the typical sitting desk. These desks cost a decent amount of money but the pay back is very beneficial to your health. The average individual works eight hours a day and is stuck behind a desk for all those hours besides when they are able to get up to stretch out. This causes back problems because you are constantly hunched over your desk doing your work, but if you work at a standing desk you will nto have these problems because you are upright and stretched out. I have actually picked my major and my career path based on the idea of not being stuck behind a desk for a crazy amount of time because of how uncomfortable it is. It is even tough and hurts my back to sit down for long lectures and more professors and students should be given the option to have stand up desks.


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