Modern Healthy Technology: Week 5&6 by Abigail Jackson

Diseases and illnesses are an unfortunate part of society. Finding the perfect regiment or perfect cure for such illness can often be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Doctors world wide are constantly trying to target the condition and treat it in the most effective way possible. As the healthcare system advances, technology and alternative ways to treat diseases are greatly making an impact on thousands of patients.

One alternative way to treat diseases that has sparked up conversation in the U.S is the idea of Precision Medicine. Precisions medication is a form of treatment that is specialized for each individual patient. Taking into account the patients DNA, doctors can pinpoint exactly what treatment a patient needs and how to prevent the disease before it occurs. The practice in turn will decrease lengthy treatment and costs. For this new technique to come into effect, The National Institute of Health, Food and Drug Administration and the National Coordinator for Health Information and Technology are all working together to reach this

Healthcare specialists are running into one major issue when it comes to finding the best treatment and solutions to patients. Gathering data and knowledge about how expensive treatments will be and crucial patient information are spread out through a variety of different data systems. In turn, the collection of data is often difficult and companies suppling the data have different cost estimates and opinions. To avoid all of these problems, specialists have formed an interconnected data system that gives reports and knowledge on clients that a doctor or business specialist needs in the medical field.

The advancement in technology throughout the past years has ultimately had a huge impact on the healthcare system. Precision medication and an interconnected medical data systems have increased hospitals and practices efficiency, effectivity and has dramatically reduced costs. Most importantly, these techniques save time due to the more efficient way to gather data, supplies and

References: Precision Medication

Healthcare Analytics


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