Week 3 & 4 Reflection

It seems to be we are at a bridge with advancements in civilian technology. Through the most common and widely used device, the cell phone, the rate of everyday use has sky rocketed. The wheels will only keep spinning and use will increase as time goes on. The use of social media in young people is steady kept at around 80%-90% daily use. Not even the fact that such a high percentage of people have these apps on their phones. It is the use and constant participation interacting with other peoples posts as well as creating their own through the various websites. This participation in the apps is what drives the business on all four sides with endless marketing information and systematic advertisements that bring you back during use again and again. It seems that the most newly controversial feature of our advancements to the plethora of systems that are accessible through the mobile device  is movement tracking. With health and wellness this seems to be a gold mine of possible information for many reasons. The health care system can profit greatly in many new ways, checking validity of the patients actions or health status may it be current or over time.  The ability to track simple but important things such as heart rate. Heart rate can help track movement, sleep, and body temperature. The concerning factor is the movement. These apps have the ability to track any movement any time any where accurately. Tracking movement to create quantifiable data to have people see in a numerical form of what they are actually doing. I believe it is only a matter of time where an app such as Aprilzero will be a microchip that is inserted into the human body and does everything the app can provided but with the convenience of not having to enter any information or update any settings or downloads. Everything will be able to be downloaded instantaneously into a data base that can be used interchangeably for personal use as well as professional health care needs. This is not far from happening, once this begins it only closes the margins between humans and robots.


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