Week 3 and 4: Reflection – Jason Hui

Week 3

     This weeks articles talks about social media and how online apps can help people improve their daily lives. People in the 21st century now rely on technology so much that we bring it everywhere and implement it in their daily lives.

In the video that was given, Gary Wolf: The Quantified Self, he talks about how technology was before compared to technology that is made today. He also mentioned how people wanted to self-evaluate themselves and track how they were doing in their typical lifestyle. He showed tech equipment of how people tracked others heart rate, oxygen levels and etc in the old days. They were hooked up to a machine and had multiple wires, basically much of a hassle to check and actually record it. Wolf then showed how different and easy technology is now about tracking and recording one’s health. For example Fitbit, something as small as a watch can track your steps, heart rate, how many calories burn, stairs that are taken and many more useful self-evaluation health systems. The point Wolf is trying to get at is that self knowledge is important to improve one’s self.

      There are other articles that relates to the video above like the article,”‘Friending’ Teens: Systematic Review of Social Media in Adolescent and Young Adult Health Care”, where they talk about how social media is coming a powerful tool to communicate and reach out to adolescents and young adults about choosing their health choices. While their might be barriers and limitations to this study, the research has shown positive and proved useful that social media can reach out to the public. Some limitation or barriers could be: a concern of privacy, initiating interest, and/or incorrect information given by a person (someone can say they are healthy when they actually aren’t). So in conclusion, social media offers new ways to engage certain age groups but a big factor to this study is exploration. To have people look and explore more, web surf.

Week 4

We see that technology  is growing in a fast rate and healthy lifestyles has touched the gaming world, hoping to adapt and incorporate healthy choices to better peoples lives. In the video, “Microsoft Health Tech Today: Kinect for Health”, they talk about how playing video games can turn into a workout. They plan to incorporate fitness and other exercises to engage the person to be more active in the comfort of their own home. Developers have made a it possible for technology put people in the right direction to a healthier lifestyle. They have created a virtual coach where it show you exercises and basically train you to be more fit. Healthcare is beginning to shift toward gaming technology in hope to reach out to anyone and everyone promoting health and fitness.

In other articles like, “Gamification: What It Is and Why It Matters to Dignal Health Behavior Changes Developers”, talks about the same idea about incorporating fitness in video games. According to the article, with behavioral science view, they can see evidence of health science being innovative with the right framework within gaming world. They connect and share gamification to similar elements to actual fitness exercises with health behaviors approaches. With their given evidence, it is easy to see existing technology use and fusion gamification principles and concepts to incorporate a simulation for people to enjoy playing while working out/exercising!

   I can see in the future more advance video gaming that would include moving all the parts of the body to promote a healthy lifestyle. As of now, I only see wii fit, wii sports and specific games like Just Dance that fusion movement and exercise to the gaming world.


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