Week 3 & 4 Reflection – Alexa Terry

One of the articles that I have chosen to reflect on would be “This Smart Desk Will Force You to Stand Up or Sit Down Based on Its Maniacal Whims, Basically” by The Mary Sue. Although this article was short and sweet, I think that this invention is a wonderful one and worth talking more about.

The typical ‘sit/stand’ desk I think is an invention most are familiar with, but unlike the smart desk, you chose when to stand up or sit down. This new smart desk knows when to make you stand up or sit down, which not only makes it so that you keep moving in a job where it is VERY hard to do so, but it keeps your brain active as well. There are so many desk jobs in this world. It makes it hard for people who work behind desks 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to think about their physical health. That’s a lot of sitting! Even standing while doing work can make a difference, or switching between sitting and standing consistently which is why I love the idea of this desk.  It tells you when to get up! I have worked a desk job and I know that if I had this desk that I wouldn’t feel so lousy when my shift is over. I work very short 3 hour shifts and I want nothing but to get up and walk around/do something different. I can’t imagine 8 hours of that a day. It very easily leads to a sedentary lifestyle.

Another article that I found extremely interesting was “A Health-Tracking App Analyzed My Blood and Told Me I’m 31 Going on 54” by Gizmodo. The woman who wrote the article goes on to talk about testing her blood through a service called “InnerAge” and the validity of the said test. Her test came to be a shock to her because she is 31 and her InnerAge claims her blood is more 54. She began to question the validity of this test because she did not believe it to be true.

This service also shows what foods she should and should not be eating. I found that so fascinating because I love nutrition and I didn’t think that this type of test existed. It makes me tempted to try it myself! After speaking to the President and Founder of InnerAge, she found that she shouldn’t worry too much. He recommended that she follow the nutrition advice given to her and to keep checking to see if her blood test shows any changes.

I think it is so interesting knowing that there are services out there like this that are available to anyone. Of course you have to be able to afford it, but I think for a couple hundred dollars that a test like that would definitely be worth anyone’s time and money. You only have one body to take care of.

The last article I am going to talk about is “Hack Brief: Health Insurer Excellus Says Attackers Breached 10M Records” by Wired. This is extremely scary for not only Excellus and their reputation, but the millions of people who’s social security number, birth date, credit card numbers, and more were given to Excellus in confidence. I actually used to have insurance through them and knowing that financial fraud could have affected my family is devastating to think about. Families literally have to start over financially when things like that happen. It’s by far not something to take lightly. I think that it’s extremely embarrassing for Excellus, although they aren’t the only ones. It seems like some major company with confidential information are being hacked left and right. Not only does it hurt the companies’ reputation, it makes it very hard for consumers to know which companies to trust. You can’t trust many these days because hackers are only getting better and better at what they do.


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