Lose it ! – Health App Review

The App I’m using is called Lose it !. I really enjoy the App because for each day it shows how much suggested calories I should be taking in for breakfast , lunch, dinner and for snacks. I input my weight in the beginning of starting the app and it asked me for my goal and helped me put a realistic time frame to reach my goal. I like the fact that I can take a picture of my meal and upload it in each category. Also when plugging in what I ate it has a lot of categories and almost every food place so I can get the exact calories I’m eating. It also has a bar code scanner if I want to take a picture of a barcode instead of plugging it in. The apps makes things real easy and fast. It also has a section where it counts my steps and shows me how much more steps I need for the day as well as how much water I need. Im able to access how much fat, protein, carbs I took in for the day and it will show if I’m above , below or right at the amount of calories I need for that day. I really enjoy the app because, it motivates me to eat well and push myself to my goal. I always had trouble with not knowing how much calories I was really taking in, in a day and this app definitely helps with that. It also shows different type of meal plans for example a low carb diet. If you were to pick that option it would show a few recipes that would be considered a low carb diet and thats really helpful, because since I meal prep I tend to run out of ideas or get tired of eating the same thing fast.Overall I love this app and I give it a 5 star. Honestly I wouldn’t make any improvements for this app because it exceed my expectations.


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