Health App Review- Zeina Akl

I will be reviewing an app called “My Fitness Pal”. This app tracks and counts calories to help you loose or gain weight. The object of this app is to keep a diary of food you eat or drink and to keep track of all the calories consumed in a day. This app allows you to search and scan the brand of food you eat or drink to get the exact calories and nutritional values. This app is great for people with busy lives that may want to loose weight or keep a steady weight.

This app is free and is available on androids, windows and iPhones.

Pros of My Fitness Pal app:

  • This app is free!
  • This app is flexible and will suit many different kinds of people with different goals. Goals can be changed at any point.
  • This app can be modified for people with a doctor requirements and or diet restrictions.
  • On the home page of this app it offers many different articles about eating right (healthy/low calorie meals), different kinds of exercise to do, and doctor advice.
  • There are 3,282,000 different kinds of food to choose from when filling out your daily diary log.
  • Also you can scan the barcodes on the food or box, the app will recognize the food and add the calories to your log.
  • The app always shows you in a pie chart your daily intake of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins of that day.


Cons of My Fitness Pal app:

  • Although this app does have many foods to search and add to your daily diary it does not have them all (especially homemade or ethnic foods)
  • If you only eat half of some food or drink half of your drink you cannot edit the calories automatically. You would have to manually calculate it and enter it.
  • If there is no wireless signal so it makes it difficult to log on and keep track of your calories.
  • Some people don’t agree that calorie counting is the best way to loose weight.
  • The app has inconsistent updating.

Some improvements this app could use are a “get started guide” to show you how to navigate the app. The app could also remove the ads in between the diary log and maybe put them somewhere else. The app could continue to update and add new foods to the food log.

I would give this app a rating of 4 out of 5. Although I think the app is a great way to get started on healthy eating, it is hard to maintain the commitment to entering the information. Hopefully, after some use of the app the person will develop habits that remain without the use of an app.



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