Health App Review: Seven (7)

SEVEN! Got 7 Minutes?


  1. The workout is exactly 7 minutes and 50 seconds so it is very convenient throughout the day. There is exactly 1,440 minutes in a day so one can workout without spending an hour or two in the gym.
  2. Workouts don’t require much room so it is convenient at work or home.
  3. The application sends a notification to your phone everyday to ensure that you see the application and think about working out. “Got Seven Minutes”
  4. On the application you can customize your workout. Customization includes different voice options as in Drill Sergeant, Cheerleader, Hippie, and Kung-Fu Master. The application even offers 10 different instructor languages to ensure people around the world are getting fit. As well as this there are different gendered voice instructors.
  5. This application has a ton of different workout options. You can do workouts for the full body, legs, arms, muscle definition, weight-loss, and many more.
  6. The workout allows you to insert information so that the application can adjust to your body. If you are really strong you are able to unlock applications that may qualify to your body size.
  7. In this application it teaches you about nutrition fitness and being healthy in general.
  8. The application tracks all of your progress including calories burned consistency of use and a monthly chart of how many times you worked out. Including this the application displays charts and graphs that allow you to easily interpret your progress


  1. One of the cons about this application is that all of the workouts are locked until you surpass certain levels or personal achievements in the application.
  2. It takes seven months to unlock certain challenges for you to use in the application.
  3. The application reminds you to workout at some of the most busy times throughout the day so if you are not as dedicated user there is a big chance that you will get the notification and not workout.
  4. You can only use the application a certain amount of times until you are unable to use it anymore. By far this is the biggest con because it is such a great app and many people can benefit from it.

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