Health App Review – Lose It!

Lose it! An app to jump start individuals into a weight loss journey for maintenance!


  1. Logs food information from other app users
  2. Has caloric information from restaurants and branded foods ranging from Lays to Olive Garden
  3. Has a bar-code scanner to log data from beverages, granola bars and other packaged items with a bar-code
  4. Food, Activity and Logging Challenges. Logging challenges are a great addition to motivate a user to continue to monitor and input their food intake.
  5. Automatic Calories Suggested Adjustments: During each meal of the day, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, the app suggest a caloric limit for each meal. Once an amount is inputted, the caloric limit is adjusted to reflect the remaining calories an user has to consume.
  6. Gives users a daily caloric limit to reach their goal weight on or before the predicted date.
  7. The app aims for user interaction with friends and families by having a section for friends, messages and groups to find support.
  8. Tracks steps during the day


The biggest con with this app is the requirement to upgrade to premium to enjoy everything the app can offer. Without paying the 3.99 per month premium, users are missing out on:

  1. Ability to log in water consumption
  2. No Advertisements
  3. Sleep, blood pressure, and heart rate goals
  4. Micro and macro-nutrient goals
  5. Body Mass Index monitoring

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Aside from the requirement to upgrade to premium, this would be a great starter app for anyone looking to learn how to watch their caloric consumption and trying to improve their eating habits. This allow users to visually see if they are or aren’t eating at or under their recommended limit. All in all, the app is dependent on what the user is looking for and expecting in terms of results, ease of use, and efficiency.



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