The Calm App – Jason Hui

The app Calm is a meditative app where it helps you relax in multiple ways of helping you achieve that relaxation. People who have used this app experience less anxiety and better sleep with app’s guided meditations, breathing programs and sleeping stories. It can show people scenery environments, have a smoothing voice within the app that helps a person relax or go into a quiet state of mind. It also gives advice while producing natural and calming sounds that’s pleasing to the ear. I would give this app a 5 out of 5 stars because it serves its purpose while having additional selections of programs to choose from for other meditative styles.

I feel it is very effective because it helped me fall asleep quicker than I usually do with it’s sleep stories. Their advice didn’t really impact me too much because I learned more helpful methods from my stress management class. For people who are just starting and want to learn more about “De-stressing”, this app is the one to go to.


  • Cost money to do the advance and seasonal sessions
  • Have to go through the simple programs they have for people that just started (This would be a problem if a person wants to do other programs they would desire)
  • Time consuming (At least 10 minutes per session) 




  • Have a variety of programs to choose from
  • Great pictures and beautiful moving atmospheres
  • Can go out of the app and still have the app working without pause if you want it to
  • Can definitely make you fall asleep with it’s comfortable stories
  • Gives breathing exercises to help reduce stress
  • Records your activity and history
  • Improves and promotes a healthy mindset 




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