Health App Review: Is It Vegan? – Juste Impolyte

After downloading the iPhone app Is It Vegan? I was very excited to use it. The reason I downloaded this app was because of its ability to scan the bar codes of foods. After scanning a UPC bar code, the app has the ability to tell the user if the food is vegan, vegetarian, or neither! As a committed vegetarian and a trying vegan, I knew I had to try it out. After using the app for the seven days, I was able to compile the following pros and cons list about the app;


  • has the ability to scan UPC bar codes on the packaging of food and determine whether that food is vegan, vegetarian or neither
  • you can even type the UPC bar code manually in case the scanner or your phone camera doesn’t work
  • can list the ingredients of the food you scanned, and tells you if each ingredient is safe in a vegan or vegetarian diet
  • you can also just search up foods and/or specific ingredients in the search bar to find out if they are safe for a vegan or vegetarian diet
  • you have the option to treat sugar as a vegan ingredient if you wish (sugar can be considered either vegan or vegetarian)


  • doesn’t have the capacity to recognize all UPC bar codes. Out of all the products I scanned during the week, only a handful of the products did the app identify as vegan, vegetarian or neither. Most of the time it would say “ERROR: Invalid UPC Code”
  • even after the app would recognize the bar code it scanned, it sometimes wouldn’t list all the ingredients of that food
  • when searching up a food in the search bar, you may only get one or two flavors or varieties when there could be more

Overall, I enjoyed using this app. The biggest improvement I can suggest for this app is to gather more data about foods and ingredients. Like I mentioned earlier, this app was only helpful for a small amount of the foods I scanned throughout the week. As of right now I would give this app 3 out of 5 stars. However I am going to continue to use this app, and I am hopeful the database of foods and ingredients will increase over time.


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