Health App Review- Daily Yoga

Mobile health is changing the health care system everyday. New technology and applications for smart phones are allowing the users to view health in an all new light. These new applications are giving the users the ability to take charge of their own health care.

I used the app “Daily Yoga” for this past seven days. I have never been involved with any type of yoga exercise but I did really enjoy this application. I was given the option when signing up if I wanted to use this app for weight loss, stress reducing, relaxation, or flexibility exercise. I decided to chose the option for reducing stress and relaxation. The app also gives you the option of picking from a beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoga instructor.

As a first time yoga user, I started off in the beginner stages. Each set of exercises begins with deep breathing before each pose. Many of the exercises were very basic but were held for 1 minute each. The app is very interactive and explains each pose very throughly. Being a new user to this app, I found it very clear and informative. The app was very easy to use and easy to navigate.

The only issues that I found using the app was the accent of the instructors. All of the instructors had very strong Asian and middle eastern accents which made some the instructions hard to follow.

Overall, I would give this application a 4 out of 5. I enjoyed the set up of the app and was extremely easy to navigate through. The only issue I found when using the application was the understanding of some of the instructors.



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