Health App Review

Pacifica is a self-help anxiety mobile app that was created in 2014 and is one of the most used and downloaded apps in the health and wellness category of app stores anywhere. Using this app I found it to be easy to use and the set up was clean and efficient. Since I tend to find new things on my phone complicated or confusing and wouldn’t put the second thought into it and this wasn’t the case. Once you open the app the first thing you see is your reward messages and notifications before you enter the home screen. Which sets you to a calming effect as if your on  traveling boat, the mood indicator is able to be set by the user on a scale from great to awful  and it will record the time you set it at every day of use. The home screen also displays your goals and thoughts during your moment of use. Progress is tracked through sleep exercise and any consumable product or activity imaginable that will grade your habit either to be healthy or unhealthy. Creating your own checklist and reminders is helpful through out the day and or week to pace one self. Mindfulness category was important to me and it matched the hopeful expectations. The tools provided through audio and visual recordings help trough specific categories such as mindfulness, relaxation, calm down, and inner strength that are just a few. With daily reminders of how your doing if your on the right track, as well as pick me ups if you’ve been feeling down. Using the app myself I was extremely satisfied by the tracking of emotions through out the day, i noticed i felt better in the morning and worse around 3 or 4 most likely from daily  common stress or fatigue after exercise. Then an hour after my workouts i felt better and it could tell me. Tracking my hours of sleep, water consumed, and pet interaction were my chosen healthy habits.



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