Gamification is the new focus of our health society. Health tracking apps on mobile devices has become the newest addiction for app users. As our society has been pushed to use technology more and more everyday, these apps are working to help people with behavior change.

New research has identified the benefits of using health apps. These new types of technology have been used to study several health topics like physical activity, diabetes self-management, and smoking cessation. Several health apps have been made available for smart phone users and are still increasing.

This study worked to measure the users health behavior change when using fitness apps from 2014. The study focused on several key words for both physical activity and diet. “Running”, “walking”, “health games”, and “diet” are all words related to heath behavior¬†change. These apps work to track and relay health information to the user.

Personally, I find health apps very useful in everyday life. I like to use apps that track the distance I run/walk and tacking my sleep. I do not typically use any apps that track my calories daily. I try and focus on exercise and gaining enough sleep to stay at my optimal health level. Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and keeping my stress levels are very crucial to my personal health. I was diagnosed with epilepsy 9 years ago. There is no direct cause of why I have seizures but maintaing a healthy sleep schedule and keeping my stress levels low is very important. I use exercise and a structured sleep schedule to keep my seizures in check. These new health applications can help me track and keep my sleep at a regular level and exercise keeps my stress levels low.

These apps can greatly improve and help someone working to improve their health behaviors in a daily setting. These apps will remain the predominate focus of our health and technology field. These apps have great fitness potential and can lead to great influences on someone’s everyday life.







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