Week 3 and 4 Reflection- Audrey Meany

The articles and videos from week three have a common idea that much of the technology today is trying to better inform people about their health. It also talks about how technology is becoming more involved in the medical field and what pros and cons that leads to. The video, “How Doctors Improve Health via Disruptive Technology, and the infographic “40m Health Stats To Blow Your Mind”, both explain the effect of technology in the health industry. In the video Rothman explains that through online medical files people can lose their privacy, it can easily be hacked, and he also explains that issue of less face to face consults.The infographic  explains some positives about the increasing use of technology in the health field, such as how 75% of E.R visits are unnecessary and can be solved through over the phone conversation. I personally believe that the patient to doctor interaction should be face to face and have no interruptions from technology. This builds a better relationship and in my opinion leads to less mistakes because there is more focus on the patient.

Another article and video that had some similarities were “A Health-Tracking App Analyzed My Blood and Told Me I’m 31 Going on 54”, and “The Quantified Self”. The first article explained that blood tests are able to give clues about what lifestyles choics are impacting you negativley.It can give insight into what is wrong and what you can do to fix the problem. The video talks about how technology can better inform people about their health through ways like fitbits or apple earbuds. Both of these explain how technology can give self knowledge and self improvement. I agree with these ideas because people should be able to understand how they can improve their health and better their knowledge on subjects in this field. 

Moving onto a couple of the articles and videos from week four, many of them focused on the effect gaming now has on health. The video “Microsoft Health Tech Today: Kinect for Health”, informed viewers that some gaming can better your health with new activity levels and services. Fitness activities are now part of games by using controllers and personal trainers are being created virtually for better care. It also explains that health services can use technology for better accessibility such as with physicians and surgeons. I believe that in the health service field this is highly beneficial in viewing images and patient data. However I believe that people should be getting the majority of their exercise outdoors or in a gym, not though video games. In my opinion it’s just an excuse to stay inside and become less social.

I did think the article “The Best Quantified Self Site You Haven’t Heard Of”, was very interesting. (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/08/05/the-best-quantified-self-site-you-haven-t-heard-of.html). It was impressive to see how much information someone was able to track and record about their lives and what they do. Also to be able to see how the person’s heart rate had changed based on travel conditions, and then to see how they can get it back to normal was very cool. That’s a beneficial tool to use of someone had a health conditions that they need to be aware of and keep track of. In my opinion however, this kind of self tracking is also kind of frightening, that so much information about you can be stored away for anyone to see. But it is a tool that will be used in the future and is going to continue to grow, I just hope everyone can maintain their privacy through these new tools. 


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