Health App Review – My Plate – By Jamie Walzer

Health App Review


I have been using the iPhone application “My Plate” for the past seven days. I have found this app to be very beneficial. You start by putting in your weight, height, gender, weight goal, and set up your own account with a username and password. I would give this app a 4 rating out of five stars.



  1. It is very personalized. It helps you set specific goals, and commit to them. I put as my goal to lose .5 pounds a week. This goal was very manageable, and it gave me tips on how to achieve that goal.
  2. It splits up your food intake into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Every time you ate something, you took out your phone, opened the app, and searched the food you ate, and press “I ate this”. You can edit the servings, and with that it will alter the calories/carbs/ and fat content. After you added a food, your personal pie graph would change and tell you “how many calories you had left” to eat that day (based on the goal you set originally).
  3. You could track your weight. If you lost a pound in a week, you could update that, which is a good way to maintain your goal and make sure you’re on track.
  4. There was also an extra feature of the app that allowed you to track your water. You could change your “glass” to 1 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, or 24 ounces. You swipe up once you complete a glass of water, and it tracks it.
  5. The last feature I really liked about this app was that it included exercise. You just click on the “exercise” button. From there, you can either just type in the amount of calories you burned, or add in a specific exercise you completed, and it wold automatically be there for the next time. This was convenient because if you do lets say the same exercise every Monday, you could just click it rather than have the inconvenience of adding in the same workout everytime.


  1. One con of this application is that yes it is free, but there are many more features if you want to pay for the “Gold membership”.
  2. One thing I think it could improve, or add to enhance its use- would be to suggest a meal plan specifically for your body type/weight goal. Maybe if it had something that popped up with a reminder for me like “choose the salad for lunch instead of the carbs, you’ve been high on carbs the past few days”. Little reminders or updates on how I was improving/ not imporving, would be very beneficial for me. Or “eat more veggies, you’ve been great on fruits, but try adding broccoli or spinach in your diet!” Encouraging words and updates would help me along my path.
  3. This app has a huge variety of foods you can pick from. For example, if I wrote “muffin”, a ridiculous amount of options would come up. But this was almost overwhelming, and it was time consuming to search through al the options and sit there and debate which one was most similar to what I ate.
  4. I think the app could have like a quick add button. For example, I would eat a salad. But it was annoying to go in individually and add “tomatoes, carrots, hard boiled egg, peppers, spinach, cheese, dressing”. If I added all this, it was time consuming and a lot of times inaccurate because its hard to measure how “many” “servings” I consumed of each topping. If there was a feature like “salad” and then below it, had a bunch of things you could add into your salad, that would be much more convenient and probably accurate because many people probably forget to add this calories (which definitely add up). The dressing is probably has the highest calorie count within the whole salad!Overall, I really enjoyed using this App. It helped me realize everything I was putting into my body. When I was about to get a slice of chocolate cake at the dining hall, I would go to add it and see that one slice had 400 calories. Instead of eating this without second thought, I thought about it and decided the 1 minute enjoyment was not worth the 400 calories. It made me realize that the calories really add up. As I mentioned before, the salad. Salads seem healthy, and they definitely are a good substitute for many foods! But adding things such as cheese, or ceaser dressing, or bacon bits, really pack on the extra unnecessary calories. My Plate helped me set a goal, and hopefully maintain this goal throughout my use as I will continue to use it in the weeks to come.

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