Health App Review: Emily Emmons

The health app I chose to review is MyFitnessPal, an app that tracks food consumption and physical activity. This app serves as a tool to help improve the health of its users by inserting an ideal weight. In return, a caloric restriction equation is provided. I actively used this app for seven days and came up with the following conclusions.


-MyFitnessPal is a free app.

-Has access to nutritional information about almost any food in existence.

-User friendly.

-Various stats such as calories, nutrients, macronutrients, and exercise completed.


-MyFitnessPal only counts calories burned during aerobic exercises, not strength training exercises.

-For every homemade meal, each ingredient needs to be individually listed.

-Time consuming.

-Mainly focuses on caloric intake. Calorie counting is sometimes viewed as not the most efficient way to improve health.


-Consider the various types of lifestyles when creating the restriction equations.

-Also take into consideration the different types of body types (muscle mass, body fat%)

-Offer different ways to monitor food intake besides calorie counting.


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