Health App Review. Alexia Esposito


My health app was called Female Fitness Workout-Excerise for Women health. This app includes a variety of different elements. It includes workout information, exercise information, health tips and instruction. The information provided for the viewers was great in my opinion. The only downfall to the app was it was all not free information. If you wanted to view different areas of the app you’d have to pay to get that specific information. Overall I did enjoy using this app, there were pros and cons to it.


This app had information provided on the topics of women’s health, weight loss tips,healthy eating, mens health, aging & health, health quick tips and safe & healthy sex life. In each category it gave the viewers different options to choose with information that was detailed. When you click on the different categories that were provided, they each give their own tips. I enjoyed this app because it helped me keep track of what was going into my body. For an example, I created a list that had to do with what I was eating for each meal that I had everyday. I switched up the food groups based on what the app told me was good to eat while maintaining a healthy weight. I had six small meals a day planned out, most of my meals included fruits and vegetables. Protein is also important to incorporate in ones diet as well as carbohydrates. The good carbohydrates not the junk food. I also kept track of my cardio routines throughout the week. Each day of the week I mixed it up quite a bit. The app included work outs that one could accomplish, I did the 7 minute workout and it was great because it had a timer to keep you on track. Quick recommendations for workouts is also a plus to teach new individuals new workout strategies.The app also gives the proper way to do different exercises. Which I used while in the gym to incorporate my entire body, the app really did teach me some new things.img_6240


Some of the downfalls to this app was a person would have to pay to see all of the information that is provided on the app. While I was scrolling through my app selection, I came across information that I thought would have been interesting to learn. As I went to go click on it, it was not available for one to view unless you paid to receive the information. Another downfall to the app is that it did give detailed information but it could have given the viewers more recommendation instead of keeping it so simple. One more downfall to the app is when you go click the instruction category, it does not give you any information what so ever. A viewer would have to pay money to get instruction from this app on workouts and etc. I think that defeats the whole purpose of this app, one gets the app to gain as much knowledge as possible to make themselves better and most of the information is locked. In my own personal opinion the app shouldn’t have been free in this case, the creators should have made it an app you would have to purchase. I think all apps that you can download for free should give all excess to all of the information that is put on there.


The improvements the app itself could make to make it a more efficient app for advice would be to provided all information that is on the app itself. The viewers would get more out of it rather than looking at all of the basics. Some of the information that was provided was basic knowledge that one already has. The app on the other hand did give out valid information and new information as well. It did help me improve my workout regiments and it did give me advice on the diet aspects. The app itself was still very useful to one.


I would give this app a 3.5 out 5 for a rating.


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