App Review – Laura Finn

The app that I reviewed was called Nutritionix, and it’s all about tracking what you eat. You were also able to track your exercise. Overall I really enjoyed this app but there could be some minor improvements to make it that much better. I would give it a rating of 4 stars.

Pros: There were many pros that came along with this app. First of all it was fairly simple to use, I was initially a little concerned that it would take me the majority of the time just trying to figure out how to use it, seeing that I’m not the best with technology. One of the main pros and my favorite part of the app was the feature of scanning the bar code to enter in a specific item of food. This feature made it very fast to add the food you’ve eaten throughout the day because this way you didn’t have to spend the extra time typing in all the nutritional information, you would simply take a picture of the bar code. Another pro to the app was that it told you how many calories you had left for a day after putting an item of food into your log. I also loved that after you logged the amount of exercise that you did for that day it would take the calories off from what you had consumed. I also loved that it didn’t only tell you the amount of calories that you had but also it would total the amount of sugar, protein, carbs, and fat you had for a day.

Cons: The main con that I had with the app was that for females it would allow for you to have 2000 calories a day, and you weren’t able to change it. I find that this is unrealistic because depending on your lifestyle you many need to eat more or less, especially if you were trying to lose weight.


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