Technology and Health: Week 3&4 Reflection by Abigail Jackson

New technology has made a huge impact on healthcare in America and around the world. Health apps in particular can play a huge role in the health and wellness field. Apps promoting physical exercise and healthy lifestyle choice, can greatly improve daily living. As the rise of technological health care continues, it is important to look and dig deeper into how these methods impact people.

Statistics from around the world are showing that mobile health is an effective alternative way to enhancing peoples lives. The article 40 mHealth Statistics  shows a prominent range of data showing the effects technology has on people and the healthcare system. It is estimated that 93% of physicians believe that mobile apps can improve patients health. Physicians are using mobile devices to assist them during their daily practice. The benefits of technology are endless. In particular, with the increase of heart disease and depression it is important that people have access to healthcare at anytime if they need it. Consumer mobile health apps main goal is to target wellness and healthy living. The apps include fitness, lifestyle and nutrition information to benefit their users.

Another prominent tactic to help people in the healthcare system is a term called gamification. Gamification is the use of a game design technology in a non-game setting. The article Gamification: What it is and why it matters explores how this tactic can help users increase their health. The goal of this tactic is ultimately to change the users health behavior. For example, a meditation app strives to bring people to a healthy state of mind. The key goal is to get users engaged in an app that can benefit their health.

After reading about the rise in mobile technology, I realized how prevalent mobile information is in my life. I am constantly finding ways to improve my life through technology that is at my finger tips. I believe health apps are a positive contribution to society. Mobile apps are an effective way to send knowledge and information around the world. The impact technology is making in the healthcare system is a great benefit to the daily lives of people.


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