Health App Review- The 7 Minute Workout By Audrey Meany


The app that I have been reviewing for the past 7 days was called The 7 Minute Workout. It is mainly just a session of 12 different exercise that will be completed in 7 minutes. What I found nice about this app was the amount of different exercises that were made available to me. They were very high intensity and proved to be a worthy workout session. I would have preferred a greater amount of  workouts however. For example the app only had two free workout sessions with 12 different exercises. There was the 7 minute workout and the glamour edition, while the other two that weren’t free were the alternative 7 minute workout, and the 7 minute pilates workout. I think it would have been more beneficial to have more categories of workouts for a good variety. So if I had to improve the app, I would definitely add more workout sessions that were free, and I would make it so you could track your progress. Such as being able to put in the days a workout was completed, and maybe how many calories were burned during the session. Overall for an app that was free, I thought it was pretty well done and would give it a 3 out of 5 stars.


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