Week 2 Reflection.

I read a few of these articles and I found that the Smart Desk was very interesting and a brilliant idea! There are so many people who are stuck behind desks and in cubicles all day for most of the week. Also a lot of people say they do not have time to work out during the week and that is very important in living a healthy life style. The Smart Desk reminds me of an idea that I had to come up with for HSC 101. The idea was a water bottle that would sink to an app on your phone and it would track how much water you would drink and it would tell you when you needed to refill your water bottle. It also told you when you needed to drink more water. So that kind of reminds me of what this desk is doing.

I also read the article on the Health-tracking app. I did not quite get how this whole thing worked and so I read the comments at the end of the article… They were not very nice comments and kind of made the article out to be a fib or just did not seem right. I also was shocked on how expensive this was. Why not go to the doctor with your health care and figure it out? I may just find this health-tracking app a bit strange and sort of hard to understand.

Reading the 40 Amazing facts was very interesting! I find it interesting and very neat that “93% of physicians believe that mobile health apps can improve a patients health.” That is incredible! It is funny because growing up and even now a days some adults will yell at you for being on your phones too much and how it is not good for you, which sometimes I can see but with these stats it could really change the way people think about the use of technology and health.


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