week 2 Reflection-Collin Sangster

Technology has clearly crept up on us quickly becoming the most vital part of our society. With this kind of importance comes massive regulation. the slideshow Copyright Clarity went very in depth about what exactly copyright is and how to avoid it. The purpose of copyright as stated in the article is to promote creativity, innovation, and the spread of knowledge and i think it accomplishes just that most of the time. An amendment to the copyright law that is essential to the usefulness of materials is the fair use act which states that you can use copyrighted materials to criticize, comment on, report, teach, or research. This is a welcomed addition that benefits all parties in my opinion.

In an age of paranoia people are very concerned with what governments can track in our personal lives. What some folks don’t know is that the NSA isn’t the only organization keeping an eye on American citizens, large companies like Facebook are doing just that. Facebook tracks everything you do online so that they can personalize ads that they believe will be best suited for you. To me personally I’m not as concerned as most people about this change. On one occasion i actually found a really good deal on an item that i was trying to purchase for awhile. I can definitely see the other side though there’s something about it that’s just unsettling.

The digital age has done wonders for medical technology. The video healing the future represented just some of the amazing medical achievements currently taking place. Some of the most eye catching technological achievements in the medical field were 3D printed organs, DNA manipulation, training ones immune system to target cancer, and surgery done without incisions meaning no scars! It’s hard not to be exited about the possibility’s in the near future. The possibility of organ donors being a thing of the past would put pretty much put everyone at ease. being able to fix severe mental and physical ailments through gene manipulation is a wonderful thing in my opinion. If we have the ability to be our own gods why not take it? Cancer specific immune system treatment can be exactly the innovation we need to save million of lives. Chemo therapy has a 97% ineffective treatment rate which goes to show just how terrible of an option chemo really is especially for late stages. Surgery being done without incision lessons the chance of infection and makes recovery time much less strenuous, not to mention the cosmetic advantages.  Technology is changing the world that’s why it’s important for everyone to get on board.




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