Reflection #2 – Rachel Stewart

Last week, I addressed some hesitation towards technology and what the future may bring in regards to the advancements we are experiencing.  This week, I want to discuss the other side of the story.  Technology poses risks for our mental health and emotional happiness – and event presents issues such as copyright infringement or privacy concerns which were discussed in some of the assigned articles for this week.  But do the benefits outweigh the risks?

As the article by CNN points out, lives are being saved.  However, being able to save lives in the operating room is only half the bottle.  Today, 7 out of 10 deaths are due to chronic illness.  Alcohol, tobacco, physical inactivity and poor dietary habits are among the leading causes of death.  Mortality could be cut in half if we changed our lives and money could be saved with nearly 75% of health care spending being used for chronic illness.  There is a need for something to change the course we are on and technology may be the answer.

There are several available articles that discuss the impact technology could have on chronic illness (especially wearables).  There are so many tools out there that make a healthy lifestyle convenient for us.  As individuals who want to enter the healthcare field, we have to look at technology as an asset – a tool to help us do our jobs.


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