Alexa Terry – Week 2 Reflection

The article “20 Basic Rules For Digital Citizenship” by Teach Thought made very good guidelines for those who use the internet and would like to know how to be polite and courteous or for showing those who are not polite or courteous! There are “unspoken” rules for the internet that not everyone seems to know. To me, I don’t believe it to be much different than how one should act in person; in private or public places. Knowing when to say things or how to say things isn’t a science, it’s respecting others and I believe that the article does a great job of executing all ways people should communicate with each other through the internet.

The next article that I found worth the mention is “Checking your vitals: Wearable technology is changing the way we monitor health” by The Drum News which talks about the pros and cons of having fitness watches. Pros being that the wearer is now more aware of their body and what they should be doing with their body. Also doctors can be alerted or track the progress of your fitness and can give discounts to those who work out diligently. This can also be a downside because what if you aren’t doing your best or you aren’t going as often as you should be? The article mentioned that knowing you aren’t doing what you should may just cause you anxiety. In my opinion, I believe that fitness watches are there to help you not hurt you. If you’re not doing your best, maybe you can reevaluate your goals or reevaluate how you will reach your goals. I think fitness watches are a great resource and a great way to get people motivated or help them see that sure it might be hard and your goals may take a long time to achieve, but taking baby steps is a great way to make big change in your life for the better.

I also would like to share some thoughts on the “Facebook Knows” video. It’s increasingly disturbing finding out that all these websites basically stalk you on a daily basis. It feels very creepy and manipulating knowing that they are only there stalking you to sell you things, and seems pretty desperate to go to that extent to make profits. It’s a different way of doing business than I thought for sure! Knowing this feels violating of my privacy and kinda just pissed that you can’t do anything without being watched! It’s just like those people who say that the government is tracing our calls or texts. People freak out about that all the time, little do they know it’s not only the government and it’s not only your calls or texts being traced.


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