Week Two Reflection: Kalem Rutledge

Over the past five decades, technology has become the key source for learning, storage, networking, and even entertainment. With the creation of things such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and emailing the internet has become a powerhouse in our lives. While there is a superb amount of benefits that comes with social media, it can be very toxic to our lives. Social media has become the first impression we leave on people. According to an infographic named “Manners Matter”, employers are viewing their worker’s social media accounts because it’s a reflection on the company.

In order to have safer practices online, there should be classes that teach students the rules of the internet and how to compose themselves. The term rules of the internet are directed towards Copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is the act of stealing another person’s work online without special permission or documentation. Besides copyright infringement, there’s also plagiarism. There have been numerous cases in which students steal information online and use it as their work. Most students have no clue that they are stealing other peoples work but it happens. This is why there should be classes that teach students what is okay and what isn’t online.

If these classes are going to be taught, they should be taught at the middle school level. Towards the end of middle school is where students began to start using the internet to turn in assignments. Also, this is an age where students are mature enough to understand right from wrong. However, the highlight of the class should be the impression you leave on social media.

Cyberbullying is on the rise in the United States and there have even been instances where cyber bullying leads to a death. Everything that gets on the internet is stuck on the internet forever. It is essential that the youth in the United States know that there is always someone watching what you do on the internet. If we can incorporate classes that focus on the rules on the internet and how to properly compose ourselves on the internet, it will better the way we utilize it. Also, it will help keep our private lives, “private”.

Below is a video about social media and what can happen if you share a photo that you may regret.


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