Week 2 Reflection – Laura Finn

The overwhelming tone of all the reading and videos for this week was internet etiquette , and how one should act while online. From the source Teach Thougpractical-advice-on-digital-citizenship1ht, there is a lot of talk about the rules for “digital citizenship.” This source says it’s all about the quality of your behavior and the quality of your content and the communities that you are apart of. It also highlights 20 rules for “digital citizenship.” Some of the rules include building your own brand, debate, and to be careful what you share. This source also talks of what not to do including don’t get personal, and not to steal other people’s work. Another source that supported this same tone of internet etiquette was an article focused on digital ettiequte for middle school students. They believe that installing a sense of “digital citizenship” is the first step in improving cybersecurity. This article also identifies a “digital citizen” as someone who recognizes the rights responsibilities and opportunities of living learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and they act and model in ways that are safe legal and ethical. I would completely agree with this definition of a “digital citizen,” it most definitely covers all aspects of a respectful internet user. I thought that all of the sources presented in this weeks reflection were very useful and interesting.


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