week 2 reflection – by Jamie Walzer

Technology is advancing everyday. Though this contributes to many benefits, the issue of copywriting becomes a large battle. According to the presentation “copyright clarity” technology makes it easy to share, use, copy, excerpt/quote from, modify, repurpose and distribute material that was not created by ourselves. So even though you may love a quote or something you saw in a youtube video online, it is very important to attribute the author/writer/etc. If you fail to do so, a variety of circumstances (legal circumstances, too) could affect you, depending on the severity. In the “Adam ruins everything , why Facebook isn’t free” video on youtube, it talks about how ‘Facebook isn’t really free – you pay for it with your identity.’ And this doesn’t just apply to Facebook, it is many sights. Lets say for example, I am searching new boots on amazon. I go to amazon.com and search “tall block boots” and add my favorite pair into my cart. Well, the next day it shouldn’t be a surprise to me when I see it on the middle of my screen/ad on the side on my laptop the next day as I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed. If you are vulnerable to advertisement, well hey- Facebook and amazon just linked up together and sold you a nice pair of boots.

While looking at the “20 Basic Rules For Digital Citizenship” I was reading the picture that came along with it. I found out that ‘40% of employers admit to checking out possible candidates when deciding who to hire’. I thought this was very shocking. I knew that this was definitely an option, but a high number of 40% was shocking. It reminded me to make sure the things I am posting out to the world are appropriate, because you never know who is watching. In this article, it also talked about how dangerous online interactions and even just public posts can be! Ideas such as telling a friend where you’re meeting someone you’ve met online, may seem unnecessary, but precautions like these are what could save you at the end of the day. Other things that many people don’t know about, including myself until now before I read it, are something called IP addresses. False identities can apparently be traced to real individuals after the search of IP addresses and other online interactions. But even though there are safety measures, it is important to still take ‘stranger danger’ into consideration.

In the “Ideas that can save lives” article, it said that “They say hope is the best medicine. That hope lies in the hands of scientists working in labs around the country.” Medicine is like a god on earth, in my eyes. It can treat anything from a common cold, a bacterial infection, psychological disorders, or even very serious things like medications for cancer patients, etc. In this article they talk about working on something extraordinary- a microchip that can be “preloaded with medications and implanted in our bodies, programmed to administer drugs at a given time, interval and/or dose. A doctor would theoretically be able to adjust the dose, or stop the drug altogether, by remote control.” I think that this has many pros and cons. It would be extremely beneficial for people who are lazy or forget to take their meds on time. But I can also predict many complications with this. Also, I think it is very important for people to KNOW and UNDERSTAND the medications they are taking, and what each one is doing specifically for your body. If this chip just adds a medication to the list, and the individual wearing the chip does not fully understand the precautions, this could go downhill. It is crucial for a patient to be knowledgeable of their medications.



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