Week 2 Reflection-Astrid Guity

In this weeks videos I watched “Why Facebook Isn’t Free” by Adam Conover. The main point about this video is to alert society about the power that Facebook has over people’s electronic devices. Millions of people around the world use Facebook every day. The majority of Facebook users believe that the only purpose of Facebook is to help people to communicate with each other, but the truth is more complex than that. In the last fews years, Facebook has been able to attract more users by updating their app with live videos, news pages, marketplaces, calls and video calls. Conover states that the Facebook app is not free, because they make profit by selling people’s search preferences to advertising companies. I can relate with this video because a few weeks ago I searched for Target’s website to purchase some items. I decided to leave the items in the shopping cart to purchase them later. However, when I logged into my Facebook account they displayed ads of Target with the same items that I left in my shopping cart; it also happened in my Instagram account. This demonstrates that Facebook knows about your online network activities that you do outside the Facebook app. This makes me realize that the more technology advances, our personal information would be hard to protect. I think that Facebook should let their users know that the only way to provide the app for “free” is by selling their personal information to advertising companies. If you want to know more about this topic you can visit this website http://www.computerworld.com/article/2499036/web-apps/facebook-is-not-free.html


An article that I found interesting for this week was “Healing The Future.” This article talks about medical tools that a few years ago could only exist in our dreams. Nowadays, medical tools are moving from traditional pills to chip implants that will manage your medications. This is beneficial to society, because a majority of people who are under medication tend to forget the time they need to take their pills. Also, kids would not be at risk by havings medications around them. There have been cases where children get intoxicated because they confused pills with candy. I can relate to this article because when my grandma goes to sleep over to my house, she sometimes forgets to take her medication with her. The chip implant would be a lot of help for elderly patients. The disadvantage of this medical tool is that hundreds of pharmaceutical workers would not have jobs since the production of pills would decrease. This article also includes many more innovative medical equipment.


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