Week 2 Reflection. Alexia Esposito

public-news-tmp-37903-8366057186_703053c5c8_k-2x1-940Technology improves and makes life easier for the world. The world is turning into the digital age and it is improving people’s lives in so many different aspects. In the article “Healing the Future” it states that bioengineers at the University of Michigan are creating organs with a 3-D printer. Oncologists in Pennsylvania are turning cancer patient’s cells into warriors. Surgeons in Washington state and Alabama who are learning to operate without making a single cut. By creating all of these magnificent ideas, they are saving people’s lives. This shows how powerful technology could make to one’s life. In the article “Healing the Future”, it also states that “We have to make wellness a priority. So architects are working to design better communities; computer programmers are developing smart devices to keep us on a healthy path; neurologists are learning how to train the brain to stave off dementia.” This is extremely important because we as individuals need to stay on a healthy path throughout life.


With the new technology advances that are being created every day, society is gaining benefits to their everyday living. With how advanced technology is, tracking our health has become much easier. Individuals are now tracking their health everyday if they choose so. In the article “Checking your Vitals: Wearable technology is changing the way we monitor health” by Angela Haggerty it states that people are becoming more knowledgeable about how their bodies work and how to live healthy lifestyles, and it’s inevitable as technology continues to evolve. An important aspect of the article is where it states “So, this is about putting sensors and devices on people so that they’re generating data about themselves, and they’re able to interact with that data, so they can know more about what they’re doing, know more about their health, know more about whether they’re doing the kinds of things, like walking or exercising, that everybody kind of knows that you should do but frequently don’t do enough of.” This use of technology is extremely beneficial to an individual. Not too many know how to monitor their health, some need help more than others.

One last source that I found very interesting, was the video why Facebook isn’t free. In the video it states that the services aren’t free. We as people pay for them with our own very identity. When one logs onto Facebook they log everything they do, the pages they like, the people you interact with. They assemble a detailed profile about who you are, then they sell the information to advertisers. Facebook has got to be one of the most invasive advertising schemes ever devised. They can determine who is the most venerable to an ad camping, then up their dosage till they buy even more. This video shows that technology is taking over us as individuals and is taking over majority of the entire world. I think it’s incredible what technology can actually do, how it can help us in so many ways and give us so many benefits. It is something that we can lean on when we are in need of help. New technical advances are being made every day to help us more and more every day we are alive. It gives me a comfortable feeling knowing that in the future we will not run out of options to keep improving the world.


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