Week 2 reflection

The  Article I read is about mobile technology and healthcare was really interesting. It mentioned how mobile technology is taking over the world and has a positive influence in the healthcare industry. It states how the development of mobile technology is an effective way to increase patient and provider engagement to deliver better healthcare services. They even show statistics stating 93% of physicians find value having a mobile health app. Also 70% of surveyed doctors use mobile device to manage-in-patient data, which I thought was a high number. Society today can’t live without their phones, I my self is guilty. Im on my phone all the time, if its a text, social media, school email, checking if my professors posted any assignments via blackboard app, or even check my work schedule. I even have a fitness app that I use to keep track of my meals and the amount of time I exercise and keeps track how long I sleep at night , this app makes it really easy for me to keep track of my calories and nutrition intake. It also makes sure I’m getting enough exercise and sleep. Theres literally an app for everything thats really important in my life. Even the health clinic that I visit, posts a visit summary and any health records or labs online after an appointment , where you can also download as an app on your phone. A youtube video from PWC also had their intake on mobile technology and healthcare. It explains the lower cost, immediacy and wide spread availability of mobile  technology are changing the way patients receive their care, making health care faster , better and cheaper.



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