They Are Watching – Rwanda Douglas

The internet has created online outlets for those who aren’t comfortable with face to face social interactions. However, it is important to understand the rules and regulations that come along with digital responsibility. It is equally responsible to know that private information you maybe sharing may not be private at all.

One internet rule of thumb is to continue to change and update your browser. Many companies are monitoring your internet interactions. From personal interest to school-related work, to even purchasing gifts for the holidays. Companies are able to use advertisements to urge you to make purchases. To combat this, switch from browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome on a  regular. For extra security, use a private or incognito window so that your internet activity isn’t tracked.


Secondly, ensure that you are familiar with a site code of conduct. The code of conduct sets a foundation for acceptable and unacceptable actions, language, and content that can be posted or shared on the internet. Disobeying the code of conduct can have you reported and banned from using the site again. After reviewing the code of conduct, make sure to glimpse at the sites privacy statement. Reviewing the privacy statement will serve as a guideline as to what and how much of your information you are comfortable with sharing. Thus can limit the amount of information countless companies may be learning about you.

Facebook may be the largest social media site that shares the most information about a user. truTv created a YouTube video called ‘Adam Ruins Everything – Why Facebook Isn’t Free’ which explains how Facebook captures users likes, dislikes, and internet activity to lure users into purchases they are likely to make. Most importantly, he mentions that Facebook sells information to other companies that are looking for specific kind of users. Facebook users and users of all social media must be careful and responsible for actions they make online. The issue is not many users are educated on the internet and how social sites work in cahoots with other companies. Which leads to one of the final internet rules, be careful. Your information and identity are crucial to your life. Don’t jeopardize it with careless internet use.


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