Reflection 1

After reading the article “Checking your vitals: wearing technology is changing the way we monitor health” I found it funny in the first part of this article when they talk about how google is the worst place to go to look up symptoms because it will always result in you having cancer. My best friend always says “Do not google it, it will just make you think worse.” And I totally agree with her.
Now a days wearable and mobile technology are huge! Many people are investing in products like FitBit and Apple watches to track their fitness. I am an owner of a FitBit and I love it because it tells me numerous things such as, how many steps I take, my heart rate, calories I burn, stairs i’ve climbed and on the app it tracks my sleep so I can see how many hours I slept and how many times I woke up through out the night. The Apple watch on the other hand can do a lot more which I would some day like to invest in. This wearable technology is a great way for people to track their health, wether they are on a diet or trying to burn a certain amount of calories a day, all and all this is one of the better ways to keep track of a healthy lifestyle.
Wearable technology can help people understand about how to live a healthier lifestyle because they come with apps and on these apps they give you tips and people can really learn about living this healthier lifestyle they want to live.
In this article Dr. David Cox of Head Space says, “I think there is an enormous opportunity for technology to improve health and affect the health industry in the next few years.” Which I totally agree with. In these up coming years technology will sky rocket with more apps and more technologies that will be able to teach and give people a more healthy lifestyle. I cant wait to see where health and technology stands in the next ten years.                                          public-news-tmp-37903-8366057186_703053c5c8_k-2x1-940


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