Week 2: Reflection – Jason Hui

No matter what is it, technology can improve it and make life easier for the world. As I read through the articles, they mainly talk about how technology is improving daily lives of people and how the world is turning into the digital age. One article, called “20 basic Rules For Digital Citizenship” provided by TeachThought Staffs, talks about manners and important Dos and Don’ts like “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”. The format of how it’s setup is nice and organized but it’s very basic as you read more along. I feel this can be a great addition to an elementary/middle/high school environment as it is basic but very important to keep in mind. It was a fun article to read, it reminded me of the time of my childhood and how my teachers always taught students to be nice to one another. Just constant reminders from my teachers to always to nice and generally be a good person, it gets really annoying but it sticks from my prospective.

With new technology advances being made every day, society is moving in a fast and quicken pace. Technology is so advance that tracking our health has become an everyday activity. According to the article, “Checking your vitals: Wearable technology is changing the way we monitor health” by Angela Haggerty, something as small as a watch can track vitals, heart rate, workouts, distances and even count how many steps a person has taken in a daily basis. The article talks about being more self-aware about one’s body and having more than just a self-diagnosis tool equipped. To generalize, people are becoming more knowledgeable about how their bodies work and how to live a healthy lifestyle all through technology.

Meghan Bogardus Cortez talks about how using technology is beneficial for the younger generation and how quickly they can obtain information through a digital program. In this case, this article,”University of Michigan Teaches Digital Etiquette to Middle School Students”, talks about a digital etiquette program, teaching students about online safety tips to create a safe environment for them. People who made these educational technology wants kids to know that the internet isn’t a toy to just play around with. With this program, kids and others can have hands-on experience with educational technology.

It’s wonderful to see that the world is advancing from the depths of the sea to the mystery of outer space. Who knows what can come next? But using the internet can have its moments to corrupt kids if not used right. It’s important to learn manners and ethics of society especially towards the younger generation. For if we don’t teach them, who will?


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