Week 2: Reflection – Dominic Mosconi

“Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use SUpports Digital Learning” by Renee Hobbs give great insight on the use and misuse of copyrighting. She claims, as well as the U.S. Constitution, that the prupose of copyrighting is to promote creativity, innovation, and the spread of knowledge. Technology makes it really easy to tweak, adjust, or change a number of things in order for someone to pass content as their own. However, it is up to the owner of the forementioned content to restrict, limit, discourage use, and even charge fees to anyone who would like to use their content. An interesting aspect of the copyright world, is that moves are being made to enforce The Code of Best Practices, or Fair Use. This can give teachers the ability to copy newspaper articles, magazines, and other media methods to use as an educational purpose in classes. Copyrighting is a very important aspect in the media, educational, and entertainment world. It is critical that people know the can, and cannots of the industry.


The article I found interesting was “University of Michigan Teaches Digital Etiquette to Middle School Students” by Meghan Cortez. Being safe online is highly important in our tecnological world today, and that goes especially for the younger generations. The University did not always practice this, however. They noticed problems when student teacher aids notified the professors that people were not properly using the internet for its intended purposes. The University then took action. They want to set the tone and preach to the children that the internet is not a toy. They intend to put this in their heads before they can readily use technology at an average-advanced pace. The middle schoolers would be taught by student teachers; this can be very beneficial in the learning process. The ages of the teacher aids and the youth are not that far off. So if an aid can talk to genuinely and warn them about the risks, it is much more likely to stick in their heads due to the proximity in age.


I think that this article is important due to the ever-growing world that is the internet/technology. It is important to tell the younger generations the pros and cons of using the internet. If not, it can be misused and handled improperly.












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