Week 2 Reflection- Audrey Meany


The topics from week two were particularly interesting in my opinion. The majority of the articles and videos focused on how technology is able to affect people in various ways. I really enjoyed the article that explained an upcoming app called Crush the Crave. This is an app that is made to help people quit smoking with the help of multiple methods. The app informs the participants how much money they’re saving, how many cigarettes they haven’t smoked, and also helps them to understand cravings and how they can manage them. This is a really productive app in my opinion because smoking is a huge issue today and many people could benefit from getting this kind of help.

A couple other articles were “20 Basic Rules For Digital Citizenship”, and “University of Michigan Teaches Digital Etiquette to Middle School Students.” These two articles were similar in the way that they talked about the effect technology has on people. The first article can be beneficial for most people to read because it explains the do’s and dont’s that should be performed online. The infographic contains relevant information that can help people clean their online profiles and history to better help them in the future. I also read a similar article about this topic in the past, that shares tips to clean your online footprint as well linked here: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/cleaning-your-digital-footprint/.  The second article describes how a university is teaching middle schoolers to use the internet and technology in a positive manner. It is emphasized that students need to be taught not to harm others with their actions preformed online.

Lastly was the video/article “Healing The Future”, which presented ideas that have been discovered in the world of medicine that can help save lives. This was really interesting to see how inventions in science and medicine can really have an affect on people and how we live. I read an article recently that reminded me of this, which talked about how a new type of sponge can stop bleeding in up to 20 seconds. The link to the article is here: http://www.sciencealert.com/this-sponge-filled-syringe-can-plug-a-gunshot-wound-in-20-seconds. Overall this week’s topics were in my opinion very interesting and relevant in society today.



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