Week 1 Reflection

In todays society it is very hard to not use technology in your everyday life. Everything around us updates at rapid speed and we are constantly introduced to the new fad. From apple watches to fitbits, which is basically a cellphone for your wrist and send and receives messages to your smartphone. We do not even have to watch the news today because we are updated through our cell phones instantly. As amazing as technology can be it has its downfalls and if you are not smart on the internet your personal information could be leaked to everyone around you. The article 20 basic rules for digital citizenship clarifies each Do and Don’t for the internet. It sheds light on how there are people looking for those who are unaware that they are throwing their information onto the internet so they will steal your identity, and they also encourage you to become your own individual on there. It is important to not only retweet random things but make your own presence known. You are never sure who will be looking at your profile and you do not want to come off in the wrong way. 2015-medicine2


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