Reflection #2 Alison Nunziato

Health and technology are becoming tied together today in our society today. Today, health professionals are relying on technology in the work place more and more for their everyday tasks. Our society has become a extremely fast pace because of new technology advances. Tracking our health has also become a new normal for everyday people.

According to Meg Neal, the author of “A health-tracking app analyzed my blood and told me I’m 31 going on 54” talks about a new health app she used that is telling her how unhealthy she is based off her personal blood work. This new app was created by a biotech company called InsideTracker. This app is called InnerAge. InnerAge tests your blood based on five different markers correlated with longevity. The five tested markers are glucose, vitamin D, CO2 inflammation, liver health, and testosterone levels. Once the information is taken into the app, the participant is given their “true age.” This app will then compare your chronological age to your newly given “true age” and present helpful information to the participant from there.

This company is taking an everyday consumer’s annual physical blood work and upon request and running their InnerAge tests on that blood work. This process is extremely unique because they are not looking for disease within the blood, they are measuring specific health indicators that can be improved. This app is aiming to give the participant more knowledge to take their health into their own hands.

Personally, I find this app to be extremely innovative. Incorporating our doctors into this app is a new way to help people gain knowledge about their own health. I also liked how this app is not searching for diseases or illness’s when they test your blood. They are specifically trying to help your overall health. I think it is very beneficial for the participant to know the red flags and to receive information on how to fix flagged areas. The participant will receive their information off the app within a few days of getting their blood drawn at the doctor with the “true age” and health information based off the five tested markers.

Creating new apps like InnerAge can be a new useful tool if it is used correctly. These new apps are aiming to help prevent illness and disease and gain awareness for the user. Gaining the information on longevity can be a very successful technique in the health-app world. It is not what information is given to the user, but more so how this health information is used by the participant will be the most beneficial to their overall health.






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