Reflection 1- The Technology Revolution

Technology has already made an incredible effect on helping us become healthier and make it easier to live healthy and balanced lives. Technologies impact will only continue to grow.  If you take a look at your everyday life it is very easy to point out a time in which technology has benefited your life and your health. It is feared that technology may even have to big of an impact in our lives, but the tech revolution is upon us and it is better for us just to embrace it and make it work to our benefit.

As discussed in the article “The revolution has only just begun”, it is talked of how it is a concern that the rise of robots and machines are talking away from jobs that we are usually doing ourselves. While these jobs are being replaced technology also brings forth new needs replacing the jobs they make easier.  New opportunities will always present themselves as technology advances.

Also as discussed in the article by mobihealthnews, the FDA is working to improve regulations on medical apps and devices.  These new technologies can do great things in helping improve our lives, but only if they are regulated and assured to be safe and helpful to us. Companies needs to work with the FDA to ensure the safety of its benefactors and it will improve society as well.

We should not be afraid of technology.  We are past the point where technology is viewed as a foreign object. It is put in place to benefit our lives and can most certainly benefit our wellness and our health.


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