Health Tech Advances – Rwanda Douglas

Technology is no longer an option in life. When technology first came into play, many people decided whether or not to jump on the bandwagon or not. Steffi Czerny states, “What is more, the internet is changing its shape, coming loose from desktop computers and laptops. It is omnipresent, in everything around us. The digital is ubiquitous, just like electricity.” Czerny could not have said it better. It is now 2017 and just about every daily activity involves some form of technology. Individuals have evolved from food journals to food apps to track calories, from textbook ways of checking heart rate to having a watch that checks it 27/7, the list goes on and on. Many leaders in the health profession are leaning more and more to incorporating technology into their practices, recommendations, as well as treatments.

A major health advancement technology has made was in the industry of health monitoring. Some may even argue that technology has become a form of prevention for most health risks. Angella Haggerty makes a great point in her article ‘Checking your vitals: Wearable technology is changing the way we monitor health’ when she mentions the benefits of wearable health technology. She presents readers with the idea that people are able to learn more about how their bodies work and respond when using wearable technology. Thus not only educating people but also encourages people to be more health conscious. Some notable wearable health technology is Fitbit watches for overall health stats, Muse headbands for meditation and relaxation, and Bellabeat for sleep, activity and importantly reproductive health to name a few.

On a Good Morning America episode, special guest Dr. Stephen Yang, a professor at SUNY Cortland and spokesperson for Games for Health, sheds light on the ability to use modern gaming technology for rehabilitation and physical therapy. In doing this, technology is reaching out to individuals of all ages. It provides a non-traditional approach to classic rehabilitation techniques. Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect, Play Station Move Motion Controller are all forms of gaming systems that can be used for health rehabilitation. It’s also a great way to get patients excited and more engaged in their progress.

Technology is only breaking through in the health industry, however, it is making giant strides for advancement. Eric Schmidt from Google quotes, “Think about learning and education with all the new tools that are being built. We are on the cusp of the acceleration of that and it’s almost overwhelmingly good.” As technology continues to expand, the benefits to improve and maintain a high quality and healthy life continue to increase.

Below is a link to Potato Strong video from Youtube demonstrating the use of the Muse Headband. Begins at 9:15


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