Alexa Terry – Week 1 Reflection

The article that particularly caught my attention was “The Revolution Has Only Just Begun” by the Huffington Post. I believe this article was very interesting and made many great points of how the advancement of technology as we know it is bittersweet.

Technology (or lack thereof) and how it is implemented in the workplace affects so many people, if not everyone, in how they conduct business. Robots and computers can replace people in many positions which of course is a major downside. However, robots and computers can also create new job opportunities as well. Some of the technology needs to be controlled or supervised by humans. This is a whole other field in itself which is highly sought after.

The article goes on to discuss the ways that technology can highly benefit the medical world. Staying connected with patients, staying connected with patients’ other doctors, staying connected with pharmacists, formulating medicine, keeping records, etc.  This is a great advantage for doctors to help their patients by simplifying the process of communication. Also, this way of communicating can ensure that patients are not cheating the system in trying to get pain-killers which has been a tremendous issue for many years and counting. No longer can a patient “doctor shop” (at least as easily without eventually being caught) and be prescribed the same medications by different doctors in order to feed their habits. Because of doctors communicating more effectively with each other through technology and the internet and also being connected with pharmacists, it makes it much harder for an addict to get away with such actions.

In the health world, I believe that technology is hugely beneficial. We now have fitness trackers that remind us to keep on moving more often and to eat better to sustain the healthy lifestyle that the world is lacking. The video of Professor Yang on the news is another great example of technology helping the health world with the Wii. Although it has fallen in popularity, it can help patients with physical therapy and also make it fun. I believe that the wii was a great concept and I wish that the booming popularity did not fall so dramatically as it did because not only is it good for PT, but it’s great for encouraging youth to get up and moving when going outside is not an option, or if they just want to play a video game. I think it would’ve had a greater impact on childhood obesity if it gained more traction.

In my personal experience, I have used the FitBit for a couple years now and I believe that it has helped with tracking my lifestyle and has taught me how to not only sustain the lifestyle, but also go further to do even better. With the FitBit, you are able to set goals and the app allows you to keep record of how far you have come or how far you have yet to go. It is a very positive and effective way to improve your wellness. I have also been using the “MyFitnessPal” app for a few years which has actually fueled my love for nutrition. I find it so interesting to know more about what it is that I am eating on a daily basis and how I can improve my diet and therefore improve my health.×314.jpg


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