Week 1: Reflection – Jason Hui

With all the articles that were given in week one, I see one thing that they all talk about is how technology is growing in a fast pace. It helps us make situations more simple and convenient. Technology is growing so fast that is it’s also improving the ways of how healthcare works. In one article called, “Healthcare Predictions for 2015” by Julie Papanek, explains what she thinks is going to happen in the future of the U.S healthcare system. 5 major changes: Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Supplies, Medical Services and Payments. One example would be Walmart becoming a healthcare insurer. How Walmart can help people with their insurance program, providing what necessary needs to they acquire medically. The article also talks about the “Peer to Peer Lending” program, usually where people who can’t pay the medical bills right away can have a payment plan setup to have an afford the bills within the time matter. A hospital finances are based on debts and credit by many others and creates opportunity to get people to afford healthcare and insurance.

Another article called, “The Revolution Has Only Begun” by Steffl Czern, spoke about a revolution of technology flowing through the years and how it will affect every aspect of people’s lives. Whether it’s the media, work, medicine and/or even the academics, in a few years those topics will be touched on again with technology that will improve them somehow and in some way(s). With more of the younger generation coming in, the future has become more digital. Technology has wrapped around people’s lives so much that we can rely on robots to do work for us. On top of that, the internet has become our newspaper with people are posting and publishing blogs, videos, images and reports within every day and every second of our lives. According to the article, nothing can stop the movement of technology stepping up to the plate and giving the world the improvement they need to better the world. I agree with all the article is saying, technology has/is going to swallow America. Technology has reached the younger generation because it’s fun and fast for them. It also reaches the older and current generation as it makes life in general easier and convenient.

It was awesome to see one of the professor’s in SUNY Oswego went on a segment on Good Morning America. They talked about Video Game Therapy where people can still be physically active while playing games. Dr. Yang mentioned games like Just Dance were one perfect examples of games that make you move, be physically active while still having fun with the game. It’s very innovative and I totally agree with this method of therapy. It promotes a healthy lifestyle without the stress level reaching to a high point. I could imagine having certain games to incorporate workout activities without making the players thinks it’s a workout, more of an interactive stage of playing! It keeps people engaged and focus while regular therapy could be boring for most. I hope they implement more active stages of physical activities within the gaming world.

From the articles that were read, technology is growing at a quicken rate and nothing is stopping it. Technology is becoming more innovative and creative towards the world, making a lot of advances that can surely help improve our daily lives. Technology will be touching every aspect there is in the future and change the world.


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