Week 1: Reflection- Dominic Mosconi


Through out the various articles to be read and videos to be watched, one theme remained constant: technology is at an ever-growing rate. For the past decades, the human race has developed advanced technologies in many fields; one most importantly being in the health  and medical field. In the article “The Revolution Has Only Just Begun”, numerous aspects of the ever-increasing field of technology and health in our everday lives are explained. “We are currently in the midst of one such epoch, a time in which the internet penetrates every aspect of our daily lives. That is going to change everything: the way we work and how we live, how we treat sick people and how we treat each other.” (Cherny, Steffi). This excerpt from the article hits the nail on the head. No matter if we want it to happen or not, technology cannot be stopped in it’s evolution. Hundreds of positives can come from this evolution, but some bad could be brought about people claim. Jobs could develop newer and better technology to replace some workers with robots, or similar units to compensate. But even then, the positives will far benefit everyone. Daily work, medicine, health, teachings, and media. Lives can be saved in numerous ways in the health field that we might not even have thought to be possible. “In the USA, computers analyze the data of premature babies. Since they have the data for thousands of babies, they can use patterns to discern illnesses and complications, and warn doctors before the problems even arise.” (Cherny, Steffi). This is just one example from the article. This might have been something to be thought of in a dream of someone in the 70’s or 80’s. Now, this is a common theme that can save countless lives and prevent any complications in the future.

Another article read was “Checking Your Vitals: Wearable Technology is Changing the Way  We Monitor Health”. Wearable technology only beneficial to us. Anything from getting electrodes popped on at the doctors, to our phones, to fitbits can all give important information about our diets, fat levels, blood pressure, and much more. Although very accurate, some technology might not be 100% correct. Simple apps on your phone may not be completely accurate. Even a pedometer (step counter) could miss a step or two! “Rather than a self-diagnosis tool when something goes wrong, technology is more and more about maintaining health and preventing problems. In turn, people are becoming more knowledgeable about how their bodies work and how to live healthy lifestyles, and it’s inevitable as technology continues to evolve that its users will gain even more control over their bodies.” (Haggerty, Angela). I feel like this excerpt is on point with the central message trying to be brought home.

Personally, I agree with the informtaion in the videos and readings. Health and technology go hand-in-hand, and will always be this way. The future of this industry will balloon in the next few years, not to mention the next few decades.


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