Week 1 Reflection- Cire Kaba

In one of the articles it talks about teaching middle school students on digital etiquette. I thought this article was really interesting because  they feel its important for the younger generation to learn what is “safe, kind , and  responsible online.” One major issue we have in today schools is cyber bullying that often leads to high rates of suicide amongst children. In the article they also stated that “instilling a sense of digital citizenship is a key first step to improving cybersecurity overall.” This is honestly a great class because the younger generation will learn the responsibilities and uno the rights of the digital world and they would also act in ways that are safe and ethical after taking this class. What I also find interesting is that the middle school students are being taught by student teachers that are not that much older than them. I believe its more efficient when your being taught by someone who is around your age and that can relate to you  , you start to feel that connection and your more likely to take their advice.

Another article I read talks about the future of surgery and technology. With new technology soon techniques will be reducing the threats of bleeding, pain, and infection.. There would be endoscopic procedures are expected o evolve where soon surgeries will be done with no scalpel. I thought this was really cool because, some patients don’t make it after surgery due to bleeding to death or catching an infection or their bodies not being able to handle the amount of surgery they went through. I watched of the doctor , Nicole Bouvy , where she explains her role as a doctor. She states how every surgery can come with complication that can affect your everyday life. She explains how she made it her mission to abandon complication to surgery that includes the surgical knife. Knowing thats theres techniques where you don’t even have to open the person up is fascinating , and can help save a lot of individuals. Technology that gives doctors a clearer views of an individuals insides are also evolving. Doctors often have difficulty when trying to distinguish cancer and healthy cells. If there was a new technology where they can inject a dye which will make deadly cells glow will be very helpful in the near future. Tumors will be exactly seen and resection will be made perfectly.



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