Week 1 Reflection-Astrid Guity

This weeks articles and videos are basically letting us know that if we thought technology can not get any better than this, than we were wrong. In the last few years, technology has evolved to the point that it can make us assume that it has been around us forever. However, less than 35 years ago, the majority of people did not have access to cell phones, computers or internet connection. Nowadays, millions of people spend hundreds of dollars to obtain the latest technological devices. Technology has become the driving forces to many industries especially to health care. In the article “The revolution has only just began” it reminds many people that technology would get more complex than what we have seen so far. This means that in a few years technology can take health care services to the next level. For example, in the article “How doctors improve health via disruptive technology”, it was discussed that it is just a matter of time when physical therapists would be able to attend hundreds of patients in one day by being behind their computer desk. Dr. Rothman states that physical therapists would utilize Telehealth to consult a patient and the patient experiences would be improved by using electronic health records. One benefit from this is that the patient would be able to save some money and receive a better attention quality. However, patient confidentiality would be at risk because medical information can be hacked.    

Technology already had improved medical tools which have helped save thousand of life. In the article “Checking your vitals: wearable technology is changing the way monitor health”, it was discussed that people now are able to wear wireless bracelet trackers or download apps in order to improve their health. This can come in really handy when you have a fitness goal or you want to maintain your health. I can personally relate with this article because I have used an app before on my phone, name “my plate calories tracker”, which you have to insert your daily meals. I like this type of app because it helps me to track how much I need to consum in a day in order to reach my goal.




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