Technology Advancement Week One Reflection, Abigail Jackson

Throughout history, advancement in technology has made a dramatic impact world wide.  Within the past ten years, technological advancements have been deemed a positive contribution to societal health.  Technology as a whole prompts people to both share ideas and learn from one another on a global scale. More specifically, the internet is an important platform to promote health and share knowledge.

The internet impacts almost every aspect of ones life. For example; work, academics, politics, medicine and media. The Revolution Has Only Just Begun is an article that depicts the vast impact the internet has on society. The internets capability to reach millions of people world wide allows for great change. Change in general is the most positive aspect of the internet. Over the past few years, technology has not only changed jobs, but it has created them. The article states that the internet gives people a vast amount of data. In my opinion, the increasing amount of data accessible to people is very important. I believe that data and information being shared around the world is lucrative for the health field.  All types of people not matter what background socially or professionally can benefit from sharing and consuming health care information.

Another article that attracts my attention is The future of Technology.  The article contributes numerous quote and beliefs by influential people throughout the USA. I personally agree with the important topics brought up. One quote in particular talks about the growth of smartphones. It is stated that smartphones ultimately accelerate learning and education.  I am a huge believer in using smartphones to generate knowledge. The smartphones makes accessing information from all over the globe possible. New apps that incorperate diet and exercise into the program I believe is crucial to promoting a healthy lifestyle to users.



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