Reflection #1 Emily Emmons

The insightful articles and links posted for this week’s reading led me to question one thing: the imminent future of the field of health promotion and wellness.

The article about predictions about healthcare in 2015 claiming that Walmart would become a major healthcare insurer, Amazon would become a huge medical supplier, and “peer to peer” lending would be a popular way to pay for medical bills, all raised questions in my head. If these ideas were implemented today in 2017, would this prediction remain the same? How would they be affected by the Trump administration?

The article written about wearable technology stated that pieces of technology that serve as fitness trackers will become increasingly popular and dramatically impact health. These trackers monitor diet, sleep, physical activity, etc. This article left me questioning a few things. How are change advocates going to motivate the entire population to wear this piece of technology? Is it predicted that healthcare agencies will require this change and access to its stored information to monitor the client’s health? Will this change positively or negatively affect the population’s health in the future?

The article that discussed the “revolution” of technology stimulated many thoughts on its effect to the field of health. As technology is rapidly changing, improving, and infiltrating our lives, what will this do for our health? Will it lead to an even more sedentary lifestyle or will health advocates use this epidemic of technology to promote healthier ones?

The article that shared the 17 quotes on the future of technology also provoked questions about its impact on the human race. These quotes seem to spread the idea that technology makes people smarter. But do our smartphones, laptops, and other devices truly make us smarter or are they just giving us instant access to vast amounts of knowledge? As technology facilitates us to more information, are we just losing the ability to retain it ourselves?

Is Google Really Making Us Stupid?

After reading these articles, I began to reflect on the field of health promotion and wellness. How will current jobs in this field be affected? Will these jobs be lost and replaced with more advanced technology? And as a health student, will my future career be something that currently doesn’t even exist?


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